Blessing or Disaster? Your Name(Kimi no Na wa) getting a Hollywood Adaptation

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The Japanese hit movie “Your Name” will be soon getting an American adaptation. There’s always lots to worry about in American adaptations of Japanese anime and I don’t think I need to explain this why. If you don’t know, you watch American live adaptation of Death Note and Dragon Ball.

Instead of placing American characters in a Japanese setting, the new ‘Your Name’ will be a ‘reimagined adaptation’ that takes place in the United States. Deadline reported that the American version will follow a Native American girl living in an unnamed rural area and a boy living in Chicago. However, no one involved in the movie has claimed Native American heritage, and depending on the subject matter, could become another aspect of cultural appropriation.

There’s too much to say about this but I just hope they won’t make it a disaster.

If you want to know more about the production, click on this link here.

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