Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex: Enter the Erotic Dark World

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Pure love x insult complex Review

Pure Love x Insult complex is one of the popular R-18 novels. It is dark and the plot is complex but the storytelling is simple which makes this novel easier to read.

Pure Love X Insult Complex Info:


I fell in love. Her name was Shirasaka Yukino. I could only look at her from a distance. However one day I heard that she already had a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I can’t have her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

GenreAction Adult Drama Ecchi Harem Martial Arts Mature Psychological Romance School Life Seinen


Status: 1040(Translated Ongoing), 1469 Chapters (Raw Ongoing)

Official Link: Read(R-18)

My Thoughts:

Note: Before you read, keep in mind that this story is filled with s3x, r3pe, abuse, assault, bl3ckmail, and all the characters in this novel are broken with their own painful dark past.

Don’t get fooled by the synopsis, because the synopsis doesn’t do justice to this story. You have to read at least a hundred chapters to really know the story, characters, and their reasons.

Honestly, the first time I read this story, I read up to thirty chapters, and then I dropped it. What I found reading those first thirty chapters were r0pe, dark emotions, and abuse. Being unable to cope with all that darkness, without any hesitation, I dropped this story.

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After a few years, I chanced upon this novel on NovelUpdates. It had ratings of 4.2 stars. I thought what kind of degenerate would rate this f3cked up story so high. I was shocked to find that more than 400 people rated this story 5 stars. This can’t be right! I was now very curious. I read the reviews. Many were positive and recommending this story. Many were yelling:


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Anyway, I started reading the story from the start, while digesting the darkness at first. Without a doubt, after a hundred chapters, I started to like the story.Now, Here’s my Review-Yet-not-a-Review of the Novel “Pure Love x Insult Complex”

The plot follows Yoshida as the main character and his development. He has a dark past and the only reason for living has become his deep obsession with Yukino, a girl in his class, which he perceives as love. Being ugly and unpopular in the class, he accepts the teacher’s invitation to make Yukino his by r3ping her. However, do not feel sad for Yukino and hate for the teacher as there is a big reveal waiting later in the story to turn your emotions up and down.

If you think by reading the first 50 chapters, you have seen all the darkness then you can’t be more wrong. Those are just a prologue. There’s a bigger picture with lots of plot twists, world-building, and character-building waiting to be uncovered.

As the story progress, Yoshida will create his harem with more than fifteen girls by having s3x with lots of twist and turns. Don’t think, he easily gets the girl. No, every girl has a unique personality. You can feel their emotions. I was amazed as MC’s s3x with every girl was unique. There’s no repetition of the scenes. The plot is very unique too and most of the writing is very logical. All the lead characters with their painful past try to fix one another hearts and try to create a happy family with Yoshida being the only man in the family.

2 thoughts on “Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex: Enter the Erotic Dark World

  1. I had the same thoughts when I first tried to read this novel. It’s slow, yes, but it’s a gem that you would make you dig for more into the story. It’s an adult novel and it’s not half-assed because the sex is there, not because of fanservice but because of the plot.

    Dude, thanks for this review, it somehow pushed me to start reading this novel in the first place. No regrets about starting this.

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