Top 10 Novels from Webnovel[Recommendations]

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Best Novels to read on Webnovel

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Webnovel is a novel reading site with thousands of translated novels. The novels in Webnovel are mostly Chinese and Korean. Webnovel also offers original creators a platform to get their stories out on.

But here, I will be only talking about the translated novels.

Let’s get into the list. The novels in the List are sorted in random order.

1. Lord of the Mysteries:

read lord of the mysteries on webnovel

Lord of the Mysteries is my number one novel. I recommend this novel to everyone every time.

The plot is full of fantasy and supernatural elements. Set in a Victorian era, this steampunk novel has great world-building, Smart and cunning characters, great fighting scenes and there are many mysteries to be uncovered. The author slowly releases more and more secrets as the story goes on in a wonderful way.

The magic system is awesome. I have never seen such a great and logical power system in any other novel. No power systems are overpowered and have their limitations.

You can read my review on this novel here to find out more.

You can read Lord of the Mysteries on Webnovel.

It is a completed novel with 1394 chapters. This novel also has a comic with the same name. You can find the comic also on the webnovel.

2. Cultivation Chat Group:

read cultivation chat group on webnovel

Get ready to ROFL. This novel is hilarious. The main theme of this novel is Comedy. There are Cultivation, fights, adventures, and so on, but this novel focuses solely on making us laugh.

A college student got accidentally invite into a chat group full of cultivating individuals, from a simple loose cultivator to Sect leaders. What do you think a normal person would think? Ah yes, Our MC thought the same that these people were mentally ill.

From there, starts a great Comedy adventure of our MC to the world of Cultivation to achieve immortality.

You can find the Novel on Webnovel. There are a total of 3165 Chapters, however, only 1372 chapters have been translated and it’s ongoing with one chapter per day. There’s also a comic for this Novel.

3. Release that Witch

read release that witch on webnovel

Release that Witch offers easy reading, amazing world building, amazing kingdom building and amazing military building.

The main character, Chen Yan, a Chinese mechanical engineer who died due to overwork, gets transported into the body of a useless Prince, Roland. The world is a medieval world but has magic, witches, and many more fantasy elements. Roland can’t use any magic, or a sword or can fight but he has the ability to build guns, cannons, and many other technologies

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Watch Roland as he starts his quest to win the throne and save the witches from the Church with the help of his modern-day knowledge.

You can read Release that Witch on Webnovel. The novel is complete with 1498 chapters. There’s a comic too with the same name.

4. My House of Horrors

read my house of horrors on webnovel

Yes, It is a horror novel and probably the best horror novel in the Webnovel. This novel is well thought out, amazingly written, and beautifully translated. Warning! This novel can give you chills while reading.

The storytelling is very detailed. Every character has a depth to themselves and feels so realistic. We can feel their pain and struggles. You will even be able to feel the emotions of the ghost when reading. There are many mysteries and the main character slowly uncovers them one by one. The main character of this novel is calm and steady. He makes rational decisions in complicated situations and analyzes clues one by one.

What more do you need! You should definitely check this novel out. It is an ongoing novel with around 1000 chapters translated out of 1200 chapters(ongoing). You can read the novel in Webnovel.

5.Superstars of Tomorrow

read superstars of tomorrow

Superstar of Tomorrow is a brilliant SciFi Novel. The main character focuses on music, so if you are a music fan then this novel is for you.

The story centers on Fang Zhao, a composer, who fought in the apocalypse, only to die right before it finally ended, and then gets reawakens years later into a body with the same name. So in these relatively peaceful times, he gets the chance to use his musical talent again.

We explore the new world after the apocalypse together with the main character. The new world is very vast yet the author has presented the world in a simple way.

There are no bad-ass villains, no romance, and few fight scenes. The novel is fun and very relaxing to read. This novel also has very good humor and great character development.

The novel is complete in raws with 507 chapters and the translated number of chapters is 482. You can find the story on Webnovel.

6. Joy of Life

read joy of life novel and joy of life drama

To describe Joy of Life, only one sentence: Schemes after Schemes and Twists after Twists.

Joy of life is a politically intrigued novel with well-balanced humor, romance, and action. This novel is rich in its writing and translation quality. The world development and character development is simply great.

You can’t help but love the characters even if they are evil. The characters feel very realistic. The main strength of this novel is that it focuses much on politics. Here, rather than the people with supernatural strengths, the people with better strategies will win.

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My Review for this novel is here. Be sure to check it out!

With 746 Chapters, Joy of Life is completed. You can find this novel here.

7. Solo Leveling

solo leveling free on webnovel

Solo Leveling Web novel is an amazing and captivating read, filled with supernatural and fantasy elements. The setting is simple. One day “Gates” starts appearing all over the world out of nowhere and people start awakening magic abilities in order to close these gates.

It is such a popular novel that there’s a light novel version of this novel. You can find the Solo Leveling Light Novel on Amazon. Solo Leveling novel is adapted into manga as well. Solo Leveling Manga has an amazing art.

Our main character is zero at the start of the story. He is called “The World’s Weakest Hunter”. He has to do many missions in order to pay for his comatose mother’s treatment and his younger sister’s education. After a mission goes wrong, the main character, Sung Jin-Woo awakens an ability that enables him to level up his abilities, which is unheard of. The story follows Sung Jin-Woo’s growth from Zero to Hero.

Solo Leveling is a Korean translated novel. This novel is highly praised for its comic adaptation because of its amazing art. You can try both the novel and the comic out on Webnovel. The novel is complete with 270 chapters.

I still remember this image/scene literally gave me CHILLS
solo leveling

8. Night Ranger

read night ranger novel

I found this novel very underrated. Few people paid attention to this novel even though it has a great rating on the site.

Night Ranger offers one of the best world-building. The novel features a fantasy-game world of gods, demons, legends, devils, liches, dragons, and other legendary creatures.

Legendary player Marvin gets transmigrate to the game world, he played before, in the eve of the Great Calamity. In order to protect his loved ones, Marvin has no other choice but to become stronger. He chooses to delve into the shadows to become strong. This is the story of a young ranger growing into the Ruler of the Night during the Chaos Era.

This novel has a complex plot presented in a simplistic way, a rich power system, best fights, and amazing character development. The novel also delves into many mysteries one by one together to form a big arc.

The novel is complete with 735 chapters. You can find the story on Webnovel.

9.Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

readers omniscient reader's viewpoint on webnovel free

The Premise of the novel is simple.

One day the MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.

His edge? He knows the plot of the story to the end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!

That’s why the title Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. If you think since MC already knows what’s gonna happen, he will be OP and the story will be boring. NO! MC gets stronger from zero together with others. The story is incredible. The story becomes increasingly more complicated as things go on with higher stakes. You will get what I am saying once you read 30+ chapters. The story is kinda slow at first.

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There’s adventure, action, friendship and survival is the only goal in this novel.

The novel is complete with 551 chapters. You can read the novel on Webnovel.

10. Our Glamorous Time

read our glamourous time on webnovel free

Finally, a romance novel on the list! But this is not your typical romance novel. There’s much more in the novel.

Why is this romance novel good? The answer is simple: No Cliches, No Misunderstandings, No Love Triangle, Power Couple, and Sweet Romance.

Besides the romance, the focus of this novel is Business. Fighting to boost market share, competing to win the tender, industrial espionage, etc are plugged into the novel. You can tell the author has done his research in the business world from how well the story is written.

The main character of this novel is a female. She is fairly strong-head, charming, and intelligent. The male lead jumps to the business world from the military world. He is smart and cunning as he slowly but perfectly adapts to the business world and wove various schemes to win business wars. Along with the wars, the novel shows the romantic and character development between the leads in a slow but sweet manner.

The novel is complete with 82 Chapters. You can read the novel on Webnovel.

These are my Top 10 novels from Webnovel. These are the novels that I have read and liked. There are other great novels but these are unique and well written, so I am recommending these novels.

What did you think about the list? Which novel do you like to recommend?

Thanks for reading.

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